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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Adriana Falcón Trafford is an educator, community and Gracias: A Collection of Family Memories Kindle Edition.
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No matter how painful the distance between us can be, let's NOT focus on that nor the amount of days that we are lucky to spend together but rather let the special days that we have spent together, your valuable advice, your love and intense memories fuel the rest of our lives that we might not be together.

And if that's not enough, think about how painful our lives would be if we weren't there at all!

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Follow Us. Read the book for the details. This particular light bulb required many Christians, as well as many Quakers, to finally reach the light-giving point! Posted by Nancy Thomas at AM 1 comment:. Friday, January 4, Favorite books of Of the many books I read last year, these impacted me the most.

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As usual, this is not a list of books written in , but of the ones I read last year. For some reason, I concentrated more on non-fiction, especially memoir. Through their long conversations in the dangerous setting, Pawel, the bookseller comes back to his own faith. A moving story. Promotes the values and rights of women without being stridently feminist.

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Small town life of a marginal person, while larger issues surround the village, making many people a whole race marginal. As an adolescent, Trudi was molested by some boys her own age including one who had been her friend , and in anger she throws stones into the river.

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Later, she uses stones from the river to name people and events in her life and to build an altar. Gradually as she matures, she learns tolerance and forgiveness. The stories of two girls, separated by a century, one the great-great grandmother of the other, interweave. Both suffered under the rule of the men in their lives, both lived for a time disguised as boys, and both found ways of escape. Good writing, important themes, cultural insights.

Tara Westover, Educated: A Memoir : Amazing memoir about what it means to be poor in the context of a right-wing cult in America.


About the role of education in breaking free and coming to live an expanded and full life. Good insights about poetry and poets and mentoring. She seems to be trying to shock. She makes some good points but needs to broaden her experience and read some history.

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Even so, I enjoyed the book. Vance reflects on the factors that provided a way out for him, mostly people like his grandparents who genuinely loved him and others who provided a positive example. He talks about his ongoing battles to resist his learned responses to conflict shouting or escaping. The book illustrates the power of the environment of poverty, but shows that it is not necessarily destiny.

Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, Discoveries from a Secret World : One of my favorites this year, this is an excellent non-fiction study by a German tree scientist about the complex underground connections fungi between trees in an old growth forest. Much more complex than I ever dreamed. God have mercy on us and on the whole world.

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The difficulties of working in the snake and bug infested atmosphere, the importance of the discoveries still happening , etc. The book shifted emphasis to the disease of Leishmania braziliensis caused by sand flies, which the author and others on the expedition contracted, with life-threatening and life-long consequences.

Discussion as to what caused the sudden demise of the cities, and the effects of diseases, both from the Old and New worlds. Well written. Jane Kenyon, Otherwise: New and Selected Poems : I love her poetry and find it accessible, much of it based on the ordinary stuff of life. Scott Cairn, Endless Life: Poems of the Mystics : Cairns takes the writings of some of the church Fathers and Mothers many of them Orthodox, as he is and turns passages into contemporary poems.

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Good devotional material. Posted by Nancy Thomas at AM 5 comments:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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